Quotes Factory

Disclaimer : I don’t want to teach you about life, the quotes i wrote here just a point i view about life and thousands condition i’ve had

-One partner that help you face famine would be more meaningfull than one group bachelor of agriculture that help you when you’re getting harvest

-A friend when you’re getting sick would be more priceless than thousands buddy when you’re healthy

-The way we use for see the life would teach us more than the formal education that we learnt.

-Being the richest man on this planet would never make you happy like being yourself.

-Bachelorship would tell you knowledge, not a wisdom

-People would judge how easy the life from another, and nobody knows the problems you held inside, if you tell them, they would laugh. There’s no choices, chew it, collect at the stomach and send it to your bathroom on the morning, Let the toilet do what they must do.

Source : https://i1.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/-rX_ZtMcruzI/TpLQ-rIasGI/AAAAAAAAAZI/MzQIiW10baM/s1600/cat-using-toilet.jpg
(do like this)

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