It Smells Like Sucks

Man, did you ever heard about Vertigo?
If you shout no, i’ll tell you a story, a flash true story, or if you’d call that as a long damn narative, it’s up to you.

Vertigo i’m facing is not a song, and it’s not a blog theme from wordpress, and you must remember, i’m not talking about spongebob, patrick, krab or mr tentacles .lol, don’t you laugh, i’m not a ‘bean’ or another vegetables (i’m so sorry mr. Atkinson). At least if you didnt shout something like hahaha, i think your sense of humor is more bad than squidward Source: (come on, it’s not about Spongebob. Hahaha.)

Vertigo feels like dizziness, it happens when your vestibular system gets an unormal condition, the effect will bring you to a condition like when you’re riding a boat on a big wave, if you’re a sailor, you would realize that this is the biggest wave you’ve ever fought. Then your boat is spinning round and round, the wave would bring your boat and you up and down over and over again. You would feel the wave is bigger than a legendary big wave, “the big one”. And i’m absolutely sure that this person, Source : Jack Kahuna Laguna a.k.a JKL cannot surfs it. (Aaaaarggh! Why this story linked to the Squarepants again and again? Aaaaargh! This is not about Spongebob, Spongebob and The Big One, Spongebob’s special episode, or another spongebob. Aaaaargh! Lol).

I feel that for about three months. Can you imagine what i feel? Get your hands at the steam machine at the kitchen for 15 seconds would be better.

But now i feel much better.

Many of people i know feel that longer than me, they fought it for about 4 months, 6 months and 7 months. I read on the internet that someone fought against vertigo for about 1 year. So scary.

If you’re a constant reader from this blog, i know you’d ask me why i still write and write although it feels like i’m getting the big wave spinning through my vestibular system?

I write the article here when i feel better. Vertigo is making me so unproductive, cannot work and make me feel so shit in this three months, can you imagine how useless i am?

Writing is the way i use to show the feel i feel when nobody give their ears to hear, as a guiding light that show me a way out of this hole, as a Doraemon’s curious door Source: that give me a way out from this vertigos prison

Hey! Come on! This is not about Doraemon! Hahaha Source:

About Ali Bachtiar

love rock and serenity!
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