Ketika Kesarjanaan Tidak Tertera Pada Nama Kami

Sekedar share opini ane aja.

Where’s the thing named justice? When every person who graduated bachelor is getting decent work easily, but many of my friends, my buddy, and many people who don’t have enough education are standing alone on their own feet for get a thing called rice and life. Don’t you ask about their work. Many of them is working as worker who isn’t proper if we see them by their ability. An ironic, because nowadays the companies would see the jobseekers by their educational certificate. Whatever about an ability. The most important thing that the companies would see is just an educational background. Although you have enough ability, if you don’t have a bachelorship on your name, there is no excuse.

It doesn’t means every company accept the jobseekers according to their educational background. The company that accept the jobseekers by their ability and they say whatever about bachelorship is still exist, and there’s a justice.

So what is decent work?

Jimo says that be an actor is a proper work for him.

But Asep shouts that be a manager is a work that decent for a person who graduated from the university like him.

And suddenly Tini says that she would be a singer, because she thinks that is proper and decent work for her.

Yeah, whatever..

Everybody has their own opinion. But according to my opinion, proper and decent work isn’t about position, salary or educational background.

For me, decent or proper work is a works that we do with our heart, a work that we can do because we have an ability for do it.

Bachelor with their bachelorship at the front or at the back of their name doesn’t means that they are more priceless, more clever or more talented than persons who don’t have a bachelorship on their name.

I’m sorry for my english and my grammar, because i don’t have english bachelorship at the end of my name. Hahaha.

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